Will Your Business Become the Next Blockbuster?

Will Your Business Become the Next Blockbuster?

by 212 Posted on May 03, 2016

Have you ever noticed that every decade or so, a new movie tackles the theme of “How would our lives be impacted had we had the ability to go back in time and fix the past”?

The first movie I can remember touching on that topic is the obvious and successful “Back to the Future” in 1985. Then came the excellent “Sliding doors” in 1998, and more recently, my personal favorite “About time”.

What I find interesting in these movies – beyond the fact they’re all good pieces of cinematographic art – is the common moral they seem to share, which is that if we were to amend our past, either we’d end up living our present according to a similar pattern, or the outcome would actually be worst.

But having been an Enterprise software marketing professional for many years now, I found myself trying to transpose this scenario to the Corporate world; and realised this message is actually wrong when you apply it to businesses. In fact, what can really go wrong when a company takes a step back and a closer look at the way it’s
been operating so far, and decides to take action to repair flaws, breaches or glitches?

Today, organisations need big data solutions providers and a plethora of analytics tools to measure key
performance indicators, analyse processes, transactions and even customer interactions across multiple channels.

And when they have the ability to actually operationalise the insights they collect, they can truly close the loop by fixing whatever is broken, or more generally requires improvement.

A good example is how our clients are using Glassbox to really get under the skin of how their own customers behave on their digital channels. Unlike other web analytics tools, Glassbox Digital Behavioral Analytics enables organisations to look at their website and mobiles apps from their customers’ perspective, rather than from the channels’ perspective.

And it makes a whole lot of difference. Because let’s face it, big data is quite ugly, isn’t it? It’s all figures and trends and graphs. Nothing one can easily digest,understand and share.

By using Glassbox’s record, replay and analysis capabilities, Enterprises can dramatically optimize the customer experience, increase conversions and sales, optimise customer support by filling-in the missing link between self-service channels and customer service representatives, monitore applications performance, reduce risk, capture and document all their customers’ activity and data entry for as long as is required, and so much more.

If you think your business could benefit from getting a better understanding of what your customers are doing online, but also of why they’re doing it, let’s book a demo. I promise, the popcorn is on us!

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