Outlook 2020: Privacy and Trust in a Digital World

During the past decade, the concept of digital trust has evolved from a compliance buzzword to being largely acknowledged as the rock-solid foundation of the entire digital world.

Data and how it’s collected, used, stored and analyzed by individuals and organizations alike is at the core of digital trust and privacy is instrumental to achieving it.

As we celebrate 30 years from the invention of the world wide web, a significant-portion of the global population has been exposed to extensive use of web and mobile platforms for us to begin investigating the correlation between privacy and trust in the digital world, across key global markets.

As the leading Digital Experience Orchestration solution, Glassbox recognized the importance of digital trust from its inception and we are committed to empowering our Clients to build and maintain their customers’ confidence. Through the years we have substantially and consistently invested in data privacy and security for our Clients and their customers, always complying with the highest standards and regulations and enabling them to use our solutions in a way that data can remain anonymous.

Hence our interest in commissioning Ernst & Young to deliver this important piece of research for the first time.

The report highlights 3 important findings:

1.Empowering customers to see the true value of their data, coupled with positioning the organization as a custodian of their customers’ data, will help bridge the trust-gap.     

2.The majority of respondents are either willing to provide, or neutral to the idea of providing, personal data to businesses they interact with, so they can provide better products, offers or services. Individuals have begun understanding the benefit of having their sessions recorded, when they perceive the website as secure.

3.Protecting privacy is a hygiene factor and not a tradable commodity. When privacy is ensured, data is beginning to be used by consumers as a valuable currency in exchange of more personalized offerings, outstanding levels of customer experience and full consumer protection.

We hope you enjoy the reading.

Outlook 2020: Privacy and Trust in a Digital World

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