Experience Performance

Measure, monitor, troubleshoot, support and enhance online channels' performance based on business impact.


Get a 360 view of your customers' experience by understanding the impact of performance and availability issues on their online journeys.
Digital Channels Application Performance Monitoring (DCAPM) enables Enterprise to measure performance, and to sense the "real feel" visitors experience on your website or mobile application.

Usability monitoring and agile troubleshooting

Traditional analytics platforms leave a lot of questions unanswered. What nudged the customer into a conversion? What made them abandon their basket at the last minute?

Having better cross-organizational visibility, gaining control into experience performance data and being able to set alarms for when issues occur – including if not visible to customers – have become crucial.

Glassbox is your antidote to 2-dimensional platform analysis.

"Glassbox provides crucial insights on customer struggles and experience issues that cannot be identified by other systems, and helps us address them immediately.”
Denise Chartrand, Senior Director Customer Solutions & Innovations - Air Canada

Crash analysis

Do you know how often you mobile application crashes? Can you tell who is most impacted and how much revenue these crashes take to the drain with them? If the answer is "Not really", we need to talk. Because while you're busy trying to find the answers, some of your customers get frustrated and may end up going to the competition. Think about it...

Don't waste time trying to reproduce non-reproducible errors

With immediate access to session replays and performance data, you can cut tedious error reproductions out of your workflow. Glassbox enables IT professionals to accurately reproduce and rapidly diagnose problems, before they can take root.


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Optimize web and mobile Customer Experiences

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Increase the efficiency of your contact centres

Risk Management & Compliance

Record, store and evidence the “digital truth”

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