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When a customer’s journey is interrupted by an error of any sort, it’s in both of your interests to diagnose the issue quickly and find a lasting solution. But without the right information, there’s not a lot customer service representatives can do to improve customer optimization without causing major headaches for both the customer support team and customers themselves.

Glassbox can help. With our open API, call centre representatives gain as much access to the necessary information as the IT department already had Customer service representatives now have instant access to a recording of the issue, which helps speed up the diagnosis and solution, freeing up the line for another caller.

Identifying issues on your website or mobile app is crucial to making sure you create a better overall product. With an enterprise solution that can tell you exactly what is going wrong when it is happening, you can resolve problems faster, create better solutions, and in turn, have more users completing the desired journey on your site.

Shorten calls with real-time replay

Digital sessions can be replayed just 3 seconds after they occur. This allows call centre representatives to guide the customer to a solution quickly, and in real-time.

There’s no need to share screens or take control of the computer. Representatives view the session in the exact same way customers on the line experience them, and can guide them step-by-step for a faster resolution. Plus, by allowing call centre representatives to have access to the session, the user or caller no longer has to wait for input from the technical support team unless it is absolutely necessary. Representatives will be able to guide the customer to the solution they need. A shorter call time certainly means more satisfied customers-and overall increased customer satisfaction in the long run.

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Retrieve any session with free-text search

Customer service representatives can easily retrieve any of the customer’s past sessions using free-text search. This can be anything from a search term, to a registration form, a button pushed, or a targeted site.

This means that customers aren’t relied upon to remember specific details of their session, and representatives can more easily understand the issue and focus on finding a solution. The clarity of the data provided can not only help the user on the phone, but also alert representatives to trending problems or significant issues, depending on the call volume. The input of the customer service representative provides just as much insight into a website’s successes or problems as that of a technical representative. With a direct line from the user’s ear to the records of the call centre representative, your organization can have a better understanding of the customer journey. This further improves customer optimization and increase consumer confidence in the reliability of your company.

Break down silos with flexible data export

If customer service representatives are receiving an abnormal volume of calls about a certain issue, they can immediately flag the problem to the appropriate IT department.

However, not every issue can be solved strictly by the IT department. Design issues need input from the graphics department; ad placement needs to be handled by marketing representatives, and web design needs to contribute to the solutions. Solving customer service issues is not a job for one team, but by allowing the information to be siloed, every department will be able to see the problem, and address how they can best contribute to making the user experience better.

Customer support optimization is both a front-of-house and back-of-house operation. When different departments share their resources and insights, the end product can produce a more desirable outcome in terms of the overall customer experience. By doing so, all departments can ensure that the problem is dealt with at the source, helping solve usability issues, reduce call centre waiting times, and improve customer optimization.

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