Customer Experience Analytics

Your customers know how to improve your platform. Even if they don’t realise it.


With Customer Experience Analytics Solutions, Glassbox doesn't just tell you what a customer is doing. It tells you why.

Glassbox offers customer experience analytics solutions that doesn’t just tell you what a customer is doing. It tells you why. Using deep customer behavior analytics, we extend traditional customer experience analytics capabilities to give you powerful and instant automatic insights to improve your business’s digital customers experience and by giving you the data you need to optimize customer experience.

Insights at your fingertips

Our customer experience analytics software is completely dynamic and configurable. It has out-of-the box visual representations of metrics you want to measure and track, and it can also be completely built for purpose, according to your needs.

We understand intelligence comes in different shapes and forms. That's why Glassbox designed customer experience analytics software that can help you become self-sufficient and agile when it comes to accessing digital customer experience data, no matter if you are a data scientist, an IT pro, or a business person who thinks that "big data is ugly".

"Glassbox provides crucial insights on customer struggles and experience issues that cannot be identified by other systems, and helps us address them immediately.”
Denise Chartrand, Senior Director Customer Solutions & Innovations - Air Canada

Watch visitors' struggles for yourself to improve your website’s customer experience

Glassbox supports customer experience optimization with solutions that include session replay of both web and native or hybrid mobile applications on a single platform. With automatic capture of every moment – and no event creation needed – you can access historical customer experience analytics data at any time and find answers to questions you never thought of asking. Now, how smart is that?!

Even if your website or mobile app changes in the future, there’s nothing to reconfigure with our customer behavior analytics platform.

This allows you to be more agile with product launches and customer experience optimizations.

Get automatic visual insights

You don't have time to crunch the numbers and you need a solution that spoon feeds you with relevant and timely insights. We get it! And we're here to help.

Our visual automatic online customer experience insights pinpoint customer struggles, technical issues, trends over time, and much more.

Glassbox’s customer experience analytics software solutions uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to learn your website’s customer experience data patterns. It understands what "normal" behaviors are and alerts you as soon as an anomaly is detected.

Measure the exact impact of online customer experience in real-time

It’s so important to have complete insight into how customers interact with your website or mobile application. Incomplete online transactions are not only a loss in revenue but can also affect customer loyalty and Net Promoter Score.

To help you optimize online customer experience, Glassbox detects any type of problem impacting online transactions and knows the exact amount of money that was about to be spent by the customer. Our Cashbox capability simply adds up the two elements and presents you the data via a real-time dashboard. That's brain power in action!

Optimize your forms with in-page Analytics

Glassbox uses customer behavior analytics from across your site or mobile app and brings this information to life with clever and interactive clickmaps.

Get the digital customer experience data you need by defining custom time ranges and explore the amount, quality and risk level of interaction every element receives – whether it’s a field, link, banner, or something unique to your platform.

Define, monitor and optimize any customer experience

Create funnels in a matter of minutes, either by dragging and dropping a specific customer journey from a session replay, or by using free-text. Funnels can be based on any type of criteria and help you understand why are people abandoning a session, at every step of the journey.

You can also filter sessions according to device, operating system, geographical location, mouse movements, demographics, traffic sources, in-page behaviours and much more. With this information, you can improve your website’s customer experience optimization by understanding how and where to direct the user’s attention.

Crash analysis

Do you know how often you mobile application crashes? Can you tell who is most impacted and how much revenue these crashes take to the drain with them? If the answer is "Not really", we need to talk. Because while you're busy trying to find the answers, some of your customers get frustrated and may end up going to the competition. Think about it...

Integrate with any other solution

Glassbox is a totally open platform that integrates with any other system you wish it to pull or push data from/to. From Web Analytics such as Adobe Analytics, Voice of the Customer - with an out-of-the-box integration with Medallia and Opinionlab - through A/B Testing and all the way to Data Lake and BI Systems, Marketing and CX departments can use the solution to accurately test and optimize new customer journeys, campaigns, content, online workflows, and microsites even before going live.

Search anything. Find everything.

Because all the data Glassbox captures is automatically indexed, you can search anything, just as you search on Google: just by using free text. Based on whatever you're looking for, you can then slide and dice the data and create customized reports to measure your KPIs.

Automated customer journey mapping

Over time, patterns in user behaviour emerge. Glassbox automatically generates maps of customer’s most common journeys, analyses their actions and struggles and brings you automatic insights in a way you can visually consume them.

Flexible data export

The insights you gain from paying attention to your website’s customer experience can be applied elsewhere in your business. To help spread the word about your findings, break down siloes and shorten the time it takes to fix issues, we’ve made it easy to batch and export data, send it as raw files or as real-time scenario-based data.

Let the power of AI set-up key business alerts for you

Traditional analytical models are no longer viable. The vast, and ever-growing, amount of data captured obscures the valuable and timely insights contained within – causing business leaders to miss out on solutions to issues and opportunities for growth. Thankfully, this is where AI and Machine Learning step in.

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