Using Session Replay Tools to Enhance the User Experience

Using Session Replay Tools to Enhance the User Experience

by Audelia Boker Posted on Oct 03, 2017

Every time a user interacts with your website is an opportunity to impress them, to give them a reason to become a customer or even an active advocate of your business. The smallest improvement can have a huge impact on your bottom line, and our customer insight solution helps you find the opportunities for those improvements. That’s website session replay. Most advanced session replay tools will also provide a timeline along the replay, that can directly point you to an area of struggle or to where and where errors appeared. By doing so they will save you time in viewing the web session replays, and highlight the most interesting insights you can take away from watching them.

Session replay is like watching a movie play out right in front of you. With only a minimal time delay, you can track a customer’s movements on your site and identify the success points, as well as points that need improvement along that way.

Every digital customer journey is unique, no matter what. No two users swipe or click their way through a webpage in the same manner. And according to a report by McKinsey, today’s digital customer journey is even more critical: it is 35% more likely to guide a customer’s satisfaction and 32% more likely to indicate customer churn as opposed to individual clicks or swipes. Your website needs to be optimized for all users in order to improve the experience performance of your website for as many people as possible.

The Power of Knowledge

Imagine a call center overflowing with phones ringing because customers are getting caught up in conversion processes or sales, and no one has any idea why. This is a frightening situation for any company. Session replay can alleviate this fear.

Besides the fact that it reduces the time that the support team has to spend data mining and recreating the situation, customer services staff are able to solve their users’ issues quicker an identify where the problem stems from. It might not be a systemic problem, but rather something that is platform-based. The faster all of this is recognized, the faster a company-wide team can be put together to solve the problem on all fronts.  As writer Melissa Thompson puts it in this article for News Blaze, “This means killing a flock of birds with one stone: improved customer experience; more knowledgeable and qualified staff; and reduced costs due to more cost-effective customer support service.”

The data collected through session replay tools can be used for more than just problem solving, however. It can be used to track the digital customer journey, seeing what is attracting the eyes of the users or what is holding them up. Instead of taking your users through a maze of sites in order to get that conversion, by knowing their targeted interests, you can lead them to those pages faster, and in turn, increase your conversion rate.

How Glassbox Makes That Difference

The digital customer experience makes or breaks your business. Whether you’re selling organic coffee or business-facing web apps, it’s important that your customer’s interaction with your website leaves them smiling. A single change is all it could take: that’s website session replay.

When you use website session replay, you’re discovering more about your customer than you previously knew-and more knowledge is always better. Glassbox’s session replay capabilities make sure each and every one of those interactions has the highest chance of setting off the chain reaction that leads to a happy customer, improving customer satisfaction and gaining you the conversions your company desires.

To find out how session replay tools can influence both your company’s operations and the customer experience, fill out the form below for a free demo of Glassbox’s customer experience solution.

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