3 Goals to Tackle on the Way to a Killer CX Solution

3 Goals to Tackle on the Way to a Killer CX Solution

As today’s digital consumers bounce from screen to screen, DestinationCRM features our article on three objectives for companies looking to successfully deploy a customer experience solution.

The challenge facing brands today is less keeping up with their competitors than it is staying on top of the growing needs of their own customers. A recent study by Accenture found that more than nine in 10 companies struggle to deliver digital customer experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations. With that lofty standard in mind, here are three goals for businesses that want to successfully deploy a strong customer experience solution:.

The insights derived from our technology has increased conversions by as much as 280 percent, decreased customer support call average duration by 75 percent, and overall decreased time-to-insight from weeks to minutes for our customers. This means businesses are more efficient and productive

The article which focuses on startups and disruptors in the tech sector which looks at companies who are solving business problems from workplace communication to backend data management.

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