Introduction to Session Replay or How to Discover the “Unknown Unknown”

Introduction to Session Replay or How to Discover the “Unknown Unknown”

by Audelia Boker Posted on May 10, 2017

There is an old adage that goes, ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’ and nowhere is that more relevant than in analysing customer interactions. At least that was the case, until the online revolution offered the potential to circumvent this age-old problem!

Digital Session record and replay has the potential to tell you exactly what you need to know – from highlighting technical problems in your online portals, to flagging up pricing and product issues that lose your business money and customer loyalty.

However, with a growing number of solutions on the market, it is easy to be confused about which solution is right for your business needs.

Expert advice – free Glassbox webinars

To help you understand digital record and replay technology better and make a more informed choice, Glassbox will be running a series of webinars which explore this in greater detail and clarity. The first in this series begins on 24th May with an introduction to session replay, followed by a more in-depth presentation examining the top six things to consider when looking for the best solution.

The first essential element of session replay – Automatic and tag-less recording

Going back to the initial quote, you need to ensure your session recording solution captures the information you need. Even if you use a 100% recording system, it still needs to know the parameters to capture the customer interactions you require.

If your solution demands that you manually configure (or tag) the recording parameters you are back to the same old problem of not knowing what you could be missing. A system which demands that you configure it or tag new parameters every time your website or app is updated, will always be behind the curve when it comes to capturing all the insights.

A tag-less solution is far more effective in identifying what needs to be recorded and helping to ensure you DO know what you didn’t know! It will proactively look for activities across your online portals and capture them, even if your team would manually dismiss many of them as inconsequential.

As well as flagging potential trends from your customer interactions (be they positive or negative), tag-less technology will also reliably offer historical data, so issues can be investigated even after the content has disappeared from the application.

Understand the advantages and potential pitfalls

There are many elements to considered which will be covered in greater detail in the Glassbox webinar series.

To learn more about the opportunities to enlighten your business and reap the full benefits of session record and replay, Register for the free webinars here!


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