The Truth Revealed by Digital Customer Journey Mapping

The Truth Revealed by Digital Customer Journey Mapping

by Audelia Boker Posted on Oct 11, 2018

It can often be overwhelming to think of all the touch points a potential customer has had with your brand. It can be difficult to find out which interactions lead an individual to engage with, or even make a purchase, from your website. Even more difficult, is to figure out why a potential customer did not actually make a purchase or engage. Digital customer journey mapping aggregates all of the information regarding the entire relationship of an individual with your company. This information can be used to give your company critical insights to customer and user experiences that will inform business strategies.

Pinpoint Customer Frustration

A journey map starts with the very first time an individual engaged with your brand. This is a specific touch point that can provide a lot of information to your marketing team. Exactly where did the customer first learn about your product? Was it from an advertisement seen on a specific social media website, or from a review delivered by the individual’s friend or family member?

From this first point of engagement, you can follow the individual’s relationship with your company to see the path they took to become a customer and how brand loyalty was then built. This information can help your company learn what worked and recreate it for others.

Not all individuals who engage with your company become customers. Mapping a customer’s digital journey, using session replay tools, allows you to see exactly when individuals disengage with your company. You can also see where individuals experienced difficulty from when they switched from viewing your website on their mobile device to viewing on their laptop. You can use this information to improve the features of your mobile website, or mobile app.

It is important to remember that a large percentage of individuals who engage with your company but do not become customers will not stop to tell you why. Only a small percentage will reach out to your customer service team to explain what went wrong. A well-made customer journey map will help you understand what went wrong for these individuals and give your company the insight it needs to create the right customer insight solutions.

Creating an Improved Strategy for the Future

Companies spend a lot of money in marketing their product to current and potential new customers. A customer’s digital journey map can help you understand what customers need to hear and when they need to hear it, allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time and increase your customer acquisition rate.

Information derived from mapping the digital journeys of customers can also be used to increase retention. Seeing your company through the eyes of your customer can help you learn what new products or features your current customers are waiting for. It can also help your company’s employees better empathize with your customer. This can improve customer service interactions, user experience designs, and even your website’s content.

Digital customer journey mapping can benefit your company in many ways. In order to be effective, ensure that the mapping of your customer’s journeys is holistic to inform your teams as to what strategies worked and which fell flat.

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