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We specialise in revealing online behaviors, and that’s not limited to any one industry. So while Glassbox’s advanced security and compliance standards are perfectly suited to highly regulated sectors, our solution can also provide transparency and clarity to sectors ranging from travel to retail.

Banking, Wealth & Investment Management

Banking, wealth and investment management have become increasingly competitive sectors, with digital disruptors challenging the traditional supremacy of brick-and-mortar institutions. Increased regulation only further complicates the situation.

Glassbox helps organizations thrive in this new landscape, assisting with authentication of customers; observing and reporting fraudulent practices and providing solid data for audits and GDPR compliance.

But we’re more than just a security system. Glassbox delivers customer insights to help financial institutions deliver a more efficient customer experience, increase brand loyalty and test new products such as robo-advice. All from one simple dashboard.


Aside from trying to earn customers’ loyalty, insurance companies are also faced with actuary risk, fraud, stringent regulations and even bots scraping their websites.

Glassbox takes the pressure off. By recording and magnifying every digital experience, insurers benefit from more security, accountability and regulatory assurance – not to mention peace of mind.

Travel and Leisure

To stay relevant in today’s travel and leisure industry, businesses must give their customers the most personalized experience possible. But traditional airlines, train operators and hotel chains are facing fierce competition from new market players with streamlined operations and business models.

In order to realise their full potential, traditional organizations must identify, in near real time, any performance or usability issue on websites and mobile apps, and take action.


The days of single service providers are behind us. Consolidation of broadband, TV, telephone and wireless (or quad-play) are the new norm for the telecoms industry. But with a broader audience, comes more diluted data.

Glassbox helps organisations learn about their customers, allowing them to foster stronger relationships, while creating more effective marketing campaigns and more intuitive digital experiences.

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Surviving in a highly competitive marketplace requires more than just a good product. It calls for a seamless and rewarding user experience.

With personalization becoming the key to enhancing customer experience, retailers must learn to optimize the customer experience and make the shift from ‘customer interaction’ to ‘customer engagement’.

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